Select Screens

  1. Screen Replacement
    We replace old worn out or ripped screens with high quality screen material
  2. Custom Frames
    We make custom frames to fit any window and patio opening in various colors to match your home
  3. Pet Screen
    If you have pets that keep tearing wholes in your screen door or window, we have the solution. Pet Screen offers the durability needed to stand up to your pets and prolong the life of your screen doors and windows.
  4. Solar Screen
    When you have issues of the sun heating up your house turn towards solar screens. They can block up to 90% of the suns rays coming into your house making your home cooler and saving you 30% on your energy bills
    Solar Screens
  5. PollenTec Screen
    These screens look very much like regular fiberglass screen but also block dust, pollen, dirt, and soot from entering your home. It does this by electrostatically pulling the particles out of the air that is passed through the screen. These will have to be cleaned 1 - 2 times a season depending on the pollen count. We also offer a maintenance package as well
    PollenTEC Screens
  6. Super Screen
    Strong and durable screen that can be used universally. It is pet and weather resistant to guard against cracking, tearing, fading, and becoming brittle. This screen makes for a good option for windows, porches, and screen doors alike. It even comes with a manufacturer 10 year warranty.
    Super Screen
Customer Satisfaction
We put our customers first to ensure you have an enjoyable experience
We only use the best material to make sure you will have a long lasting final product
We provide quick responses and prompt service to avoid long drawn out repairs/installs 
Window Screen
About Select Screens
We are a locally owned and operated company bringing professional custom screen work to St. Louis and the surrounding area. 
Whether you need your window screens replaced or you want to screen in your porch; we are a one stop shop.
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