Screen Replacement
     We offer a wide selection of rescreening options for a multitude of uses. Each option is available for windows, porches, and screen doors.

    Pet Screen - Vinyl coated polyester screen that is 7x more durable than traditional screen. Ideal for places of heavy wear from pets like screen doors, porches, and windows.

      Super Screen  - Pet and weather resistant, so it wont fade or crack with uv rays. Has a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Is a  super durable option with lots of versatility.
      Solar Screen - Protects from the sun's UV rays actively reducing your heating and cooling bill as much as 30%. It is also pet resistant and offers daytime privacy due.

      PollenTEC Screen - Electrostatically pulls particles out of the air cleaning the air you breathe in your home. These will have to be cleaned 1 - 2 times a season depending on the pollen count.

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Custom Frames
     We offer a vast selection of frames based on your particular needs.

     We have different sized frames to match the width and height of your windows. We select the heavier duty frame when available to ensure long life of your screens. The frames are approximately .025 mill thick and cambered to retain screen tension.

     We also offer a selection of colors to match your home and your window frames. The colors are aluminum, white, tan, and bronze.